Coding Modifiers Course

Coding Modifiers Course

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This course will cover the basics of Modifiers and will help you clearly understand how modifiers work and how to properly use them. Specific examples are provided so you can be certain on a modifier's proper use.

The course has 5 sections

The answers to all coding exercises and section tests will be from the most current edition of the CPT and HCPCS Coding Manuals.

You will need the most recent version of the CPT and HCPCS Code Books or a subscription to AMBACode to complete this course.

Access to this course is set for one year. Average Course Completion Time is 30-40 hours.

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Understanding Modifiers Online Course

  • Introduction
  • Commonly Used Terms
  • Evaluation and Management (E/M) Service Modifiers
  • Anesthesia Modifiers
  • Surgery Modifiers
  • Radiology Modifiers
  • Pathology and Laboratory Modifiers
  • Medicine Modifiers
  • Category II Codes

Chapter Titles

  • Introduction to Modifiers
  • Modifiers and the CMS 1500 Claim From
  • Chapter 3: CPT (Level 1) Modifiers
  • Chapter 4: HCPCS (Level 2) Modifiers Part 1
  • Chapter 5: HCPCS (Level 2) Modifiers Part 2

Included are CPT, HCPCS, and Anesthesia Modifiers with more detailed explanations of Physician Identifier Modifiers as well as Qualified Healthcare Professional Modifiers.

In 2014, CMS created 4 new HCPCS modifiers to be used in place of modifier 59 for use on Medicare claims, effective 1/1/2015. This information is included in our course.

The topics listed above are covered in our Online Course but are not representative of all comprehensive subject matter covered. To learn more about this course, feel free to speak with an Association Representative at (580) 369-2700.

This course will be taken online and can only be accessed using an internet connection.

Course access will be granted immediately if purchased through the student center. If purchased through AMBA Store or over the phone, course access will be granted the same day, if during business hours, and the next business day if purchased after hours. Your course login information will be emailed to you.

This Course is pre-approved for 6 CEUs through AMBA

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