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Overall course content may include, but is not limited to the following topics:

Advance Beneficiary Notice HCFA 1500 form Pre-certification
ABN Health maintenance organization Preferred provider organization 
Allowable HMO PPO
Allowed amount Hospice Primary care physician 
Ambulatory care In-network provider PCP
Appeal International Classification of Disease codes  Primary insurance company
Authorization ICD codes Prior authorization or prior written approval
Balance Itemized statement Provider
Balance billing Managed health care Proof of health insurance
Billing account number Mayo Clinic contracted services Reasonable and customary
Billing addressee Mayo Clinic number R&C
guarantor Medicaid Referral
Certification Medicaid Title XIX Registration
Claims review Medicare Secondary insurance company
Coinsurance Medicare Title XVIII Self-insured plan
Commercial health insurance Medicare Advantage Plan Self-pay patient
Coordination of benefits Medicare Advantage Plan Skilled nursing facility 
COB Medicare Part C SNF
Copayment Medicare assignment Statement
Cost share Medicare Non-Assignment Supplemental insurance
Covered charges Medicare sequestration Supplemental or secondary claim form
Credit balance Medicare Summary Notice Third-party administrator
Current Procedural Terminology code Medigap TPA
CPT codes Monthly statement of account Tier network
Deductible Noncovered charges UB92/UB04
Denial or denied Noncovered services Uninsured patient
Diagnosis-related groups Nonparticipation Usual, customary and reasonable charge
DSGs Out of network UCR charge
DOS Per diem reimbursement Utilization limits
Elective services Point-of-service plan Utilization review
Explanation of benefits POS plan Visit number
EOB Pre-admission certification Workers' compensation coverage
Fee schedule Pre-care deposit