Chiropractic Billing Course

Chiropractic Billing Course

chiropractic billing course

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It is our intention to help create a better relationship between the Chiropractor, Staff, and the Insurance Carrier. It is important that the claim rejection rate for Doctors of Chiropractic is at a minimum, and their billing is done flawlessly. Each Chiropractic office is unique and we have cover basic billing principles that relate to each scope of practice.

Chiropractic Offices have various forms. We have made these forms available in PDF format for viewing and printing. After viewing the forms, you may want to edit or change your own forms similarly.

This course was developed for all Billing Services, and those that bill for Chiropractors. It is intended for Chiropractic Assistants, Chiropractic Office Managers, Physical Therapists, and for Doctors of Chiropractic.

Read and study the material one section at a time. The course is designed with a pre-test for each section, and a final examination. The test scores are not recorded until you take the final exam. You must correctly answer 85% of the questions to achieve a passing score. If you do not achieve a passing score, you may retake the test.

This course has five sections.

Access to this course is set for one year. There are no required books or documents to utilize this course.

Average course completion time is 30 - 40 hours.

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Chiropractic 101 Billing Course Online

  • History and Scope of Chiropractic
  • New Patient Office Visit
  • Chiropractic Insurance
  • Building A Claim
  • Chiropractic Terminology and Abbreviations

The topics listed above are covered in our Online Course but are not representative of all comprehensive subject matter covered. To learn more about this course, feel free to speak with an Association Representative at (580) 369-2700.

This course will be taken online and can only be accessed using an internet connection.

Course access will be granted immediately if purchased through the student center. If purchased through AMBA Store or over the phone, course access will be granted the same day, if during business hours, and the next business day if purchased after hours. Your course login information will be emailed to you.

This Course is pre-approved for 6 CEUs through AMBA