Medical Biller's Day - March 29, 2018

Medical Biller's Day - March 29, 2018

Governor's offices recognize the importance of Medical Billers who provide billing and related service to doctors and healthcare providers and are a vital segment of the healthcare industry. 

Medical Biller's Day 2018

Why do we need a Proclamation?

In order to be recognized officially, members must write to their state's Governor to request an official Medical Biller's Day proclamation each year. We need your help in getting your state to recognize this important day! 

Importance of the Proclamation

A proclamation is:

  • A highly effective way to involve your state's governor in the Medical Billing Industry
  • Provides a forum to raise public awareness on the importance of Medical Billing 
  • Focuses attention on Medical Billing 
  • Provides a way to produce media coverage leading to increased awareness and public interest of Medical Billing

Write to your Governor

Some points to remember: 
    • Governor's offices will ask for submission of a proposed proclamation with your request (you should include sample wording) 
    • Get the mailing address (or email address) and time frame for submitting the proclamation. 
    • In the cover letter, ask your Governor to proclaim Medical Biller's Day for March 29, 2018.
    • AMBA will post the official proclamation on our website once you receive it.
    • AMBA will also send your Governor a thank you letter.

When a Public Official Can Issue a Proclamation without Legislative Approval

  1. Call your governor’s office to determine how proclamations are issued. Some states list Proclamation instructions on the internet, so a search for your state name and the word "proclamation" may provide that information. If you call, be prepared to learn that the process may take several weeks or even longer. Also, have your materials ready, such as the sample proclamation below. Simply explain why Medical Biller's Day should be recognized by your  state.
  2. Try to elicit support from other leaders in your state or Local Chapter. Letters from several billers will reflect statewide interest and support.
  3. When a proclamation is issued, express your thanks and appreciation. Remember to inform AMBA so we can officially thank your Governor for their recognition and also so that we can let the media know about Medical Biller's Day and the official attention we have received.  

When Legislative Action is Required to Issue a Proclamation

  1. If you need to work through the state legislature, start now. Again, start by finding out what the process is for getting official recognition. Your local representative’s office can tell you how to start (even if you intend to ask another representative in your state to sponsor the proclamation).
  2. A resolution will need to be sponsored by a member of the appropriate governmental body. Find someone who is supportive of career and technical education or who has voiced an interest in health care concerns. (This would also be a good time to educate a government official who has not worked with you.)
  3. Again, have prepared materials for use in drafting a resolution or proclamation. Be ready to share your insight about specific areas where Medical Billers are helpful to medical providers and their patients. For example, indicate how billers provide a necessary service in helping providers get paid for the services they perform and the valuable contribution they make to the community, how much the resolution will mean to the Medical Billers, and how this recognition might have a positive impact on the overall Medical Billing community.
  4. Find out how you can help your sponsor ensure passage of the resolution. Like any bill, you have to lobby. This will require a plan and some hard work. You may need to get other legislators to co-sponsor the resolution. You can start by writing your legislators about the resolution and soliciting their support. Telephone follow-up may be needed with your sponsor and with other legislators to remind them of the importance of this issue to Medical Billers. They may be in a good position to help your sponsor in moving the bill.
  5. After the resolution is passed, show appreciation to your sponsor and to everyone who supported the resolution. 


Sample Proclamation   

WHEREAS, Medical Billers provide a much needed service to doctors and other healthcare providers and provide a vital segment of the health care industry; and 

WHEREAS, increasingly, health care providers rely on medical billing companies to assist them in processing claims in accordance with applicable statutes and regulations. Additionally, health care providers consult with medical billing companies for advice regarding reimbursement matters, as well as overall business decision-making; and 

WHEREAS, Medical Billers strive to provide a high level of ethical, lawful and professional conduct throughout the entire health care industry; and  

WHEREAS, Medical Billers can offer expertise in carrier reimbursement requirements, help ensure that medical claims are accurately prepared to free physicians and other practitioners to devote their energies to the care of their patients; and 

WHEREAS, Medical Billers continue to influence the billing process in a positive and credible manner and should be recognized for their efforts and their loyalty to the Medical Billing Profession. 

Now, therefore, being a Member of the American Medical Billing Association (AMBA) and a resident of the state of _____________, I ask that you hereby proclaim Thursday, March 29, 2018 as National Medical Biller's Day. 

Please help us to officially recognize this day for hard working, professional Medical Billers.

NOTE: AMBA will request a proclamation on your behalf - email or call our office

Notify AMBA if you have questions about getting an official proclamation in your state or if you need assistance. If you plan to notify your Governor, please fax a copy of your request to us at 580 369-2703 or mail a copy to our office at 2465 E. Main, Davis, OK 73030.


Sample Letter to Governor


The Honorable _______________


Dear Governor [LAST NAME],

I am writing to you as a member of the American Medical Billing Association (AMBA) [or as a Medical Biller] and as a resident of [CITY, STATE]. The AMBA is a professional association of Medical Billers that work with doctors and other health care providers from across the nation to help them get insurance claims paid.

Medical Billers comply with a whole host of state and Federal regulations. They utilize processes and information technologies that doctors may not be able to invest in to collect health care dollars. Medical Billers allow providers to concentrate on their patients without maintaining the high costs associated with running a billing office. Also many Medical Billers work directly for doctors and other healthcare provider in their offices. Now more than ever before, Medical Billers provide crucial and integral services required of the reimbursement process. 

Your support in officially recognizing Medical Billers for their efforts and professionalism would mean a great deal to our industry and individually to our members.

The AMBA has declared March 29, 2018  “National Medical Biller's Day” and I am requesting that this same day be proclaimed “National Medical Biller's Day” in [YOUR STATE]. 

Would you please consider proclaiming March 29, 2018 "National Medical Biller's Day? If so, I would appreciate it if you would forward me a copy of the proclamation, so that I may present it to my Association. 

If you or members of your staff have any questions about "National Medical Biller's Day", please feel free to call me at [PHONE NUMBER] or email me at ______________.

Thank you for considering this request.


[Your Name]


We need your support and assistance in bringing awareness to the efforts and achievements of Medical Billers nationwide. If you submit a request to your state, please fax a copy or email us so that we do not duplicate your effort.