learn how to medical billing

learn how to medical billing

AMBA at A Glance

The AMBA strives to offer resources, education, knowledge, and tools that are essential for success as a professional biller, or as a billing company owner. We provide vital solutions for professional growth and development and proven methods and processes for billing company owners. Whether you are new to medical billing or you are an experienced professional, our association provides a whole host of critical tools and resources, including earning professional credentials, attending free webinars for CEUs, and networking with other AMBA members. Other benefits can be accessed at our conferences and by contacting us for member support.

How Does AMBA Serve You?

We work with new billers to provide education and training through our customer support, online courses, and, most importantly, we provide professional certification to billers.

We provide ongoing education through our monthly free webinars, pre-approved CEUs, and an annual medical billing conference.

We offer information and resources to help you succeed in your professional medical billing career, as well as, owning and operating a medical billing company.

We offer networking opportunities where members can discuss billing issues and solutions and share critical processes that help them succeed.

We work with numerous technical schools, colleges, and universities across the nation that offer medical billing training programs.

Earn Your Medical Billing Certification

The Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist (CMRS) credential was created, in 2000, specifically for medical billing professionals by experienced billing professionals. It is the longest standing certification for Medical Billers, and the most comprehensive. It is the "gold standard credential" for professional medical billers and is widely recognized by billers, schools, and employers.

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